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River Bridge with St Michel Cathedral

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From the undulating lavender fields of Provence to the snowy slopes of Chamonix, the windswept beaches of Bordeaux along the Atlantic Coast to the well-trodden pavements of Paris, the landscape of l’hexagone offers a visual spectacle of snow-capped alpine ranges, verdant farmlands, grand chateaux and sparkling Mediterranean coastlines.

Home to a world-famous gastronomic tradition, a fiercely protected language and a cherished array of architectural wonders, France is saturated with unique history and culture. Following a tumultuous past of political debate, maladroit monarchs and bloody revolution, France has become a forward-thinking and thoroughly modern nation, whose people are imbued with a deep sense of pride and identity.

Indulge in culinary marvels, explore quaint and quirky villages and admire the chic and artistic aesthetic of French fashion, architecture and art. A thriving tourist destination; you will find that there is still plenty to be discovered in France.

Did you know

  • France is the most visited country in the world, with over 75 million visitors a year.
  • Mont Blanc is the highest peak in Europe.
  • The Eiffel tower was originally intended to be dismantled and sold as scrap after its construction.
  • Over 300 kinds of cheese are made in France.
  • The fabric denim was invented in France. It is de Nîmes: from Nîmes.

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