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Streets in Faro, Algarve
'Seal of Quality' awards for Algarve Restaurants

'Seal of Quality' awards for Algarve Restaurants

Award winning Algarve Restaurants

Top 10 Music Venues in the Algarve

Top 10 Music Venues in the Algarve

Looking for Foot-stomping, hand-clapping, toe-tapping music ven...

Fine Wines and Food Fair at VILA VITA Parc

Fine Wines and Food Fair at VILA VITA Parc

Michelin stars galore in a unique gourmet event, hosted at Ocea...

The Charm of Algarve's old buildings

The Charm of Algarve's old buildings

Portugal's rich history is visible in Algarve's old buildings

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Portugal may be small, but it certainly packs a punch. Crammed onto this sliver of sun-drenched land at the westernmost point of Europe you will find intricate late-Gothic monasteries and cathedrals, wild windswept beaches, Roman ruins, fertile vineyards and edgy urban nightlife. Shaped by a grand colonial history and renowned for its peaceful global relationships, Portugal is home to a proud and warm people, whose passion for their culture is abundantly clear.

Escape to the island of Pico, found in the azure-edged Azores archipelago, for a glimpse of the country’s volcanic past; marvel at the towering cliffs of the Algarve, as you bask in the summer heat; and indulge in fresh seafood and sweet local wines in the nation’s capital, Lisbon. With world-class surfing and golf courses, numerous UNESCO heritage sites, vast and varied wildlife as well as vibrant metropolitan skylines, Portugal is overflowing with inspiration; the rest is up to you.

Did you know

  • Portugal has been a republic since 1910, the last King of Portugal being exiled to London.
  • The Anglo-Portuguese Alliance is the oldest alliance still in place today and was signed in 1373.
  • The oldest continuing bookshop in the world can be found in Lisbon.
  • In 2006 Portugal opened the world’s largest solar energy farm.
  • The official flower of Portugal is lavender.

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