Mexico city at night
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North America Travel Guides & Information

North America

North America: a vast expanse of land rich in diverse landscapes, people, cultures and languages. Where to begin? From the Gulf of Mexico to the Canadian Artic, from the Rocky Mountains to Alaska, from the Great Lakes to the Arctic Ocean, from the Appalachian Mountains to the Florida peninsula, this corner of the world is brimming with things to see and do.

From buzzing cities where you can hear the latest live music or sample the newest delicacy in town, to wide open plains and prairies, North America is a melting pot of variety. Stroll the streets of New York City amid skyscrapers, grand department stores and exclusive cocktail bars, head to Mexico City in search of quirky boutiques and galleries, or take in the sounds of Ottawa’s Jazz Festival. Try your luck in the kitsch glitz of Las Vegas, hit the beach in Cancún or catch a cable car in San Francisco.

Take a road trip along world famous Route 66, catch sight of a grizzly bear in British Columbia or discover an Aztec world in Calixtlahuaca. Get a feel for the Pacific in Hawaii or bask in the glory of the Grand Canyon as it stretches out before you.

Did you know

  • The largest country in North America is Canada.
  • The longest river is the Mississippi River in the United States.
  • North America makes up just less than 5% of the world’s total surface area.
  • The lowest point in North America is Death Valley in California.
  • The American beaver is the largest rodent in the continent.

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