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My most memorable travel experience...well, that may have to be our trip to New Zealand. After living in Australia for 2 years, we packed up our lives, put 'em in a car and decided to do a road trip around OZ and finish it off with a road trip in New Zealand. Before we left Australia, we each got tattoos to mark this part of our lives...little did we know it would determine the next 'leg' of the trip. It may have been the various travel situations we were in (airports, rental cars, beds or the 10-wear jeans) which caused the infection or maybe the fact that I took part in the permanent artwork, but Doug's constant complaints of pain finally made me question the 'it's a tattoo, and it hurts' advice that I was giving him.

A trip to the doctor quickly turned into an ambulance ride and I was told to 'keep up' in our rental car (which we tried to save money by not getting insurance). So began the fast and steamy north island drive as it poured with rain in the middle of the night trying desperately to keep up with the ambulance that held my whole world. All of a sudden, I heard the siren behind me. Police. I kept going hoping to buy enough time for the ambulance to see what was going on and stop with me. When I heard the Policemen calling out 'Pull Over', I didn't have much choice at that time...and I saw the ambulance and my Doug disappear into the rainy night.

Needless to say, it didn't take much for me to burst into tears when the police asked why I was speeding and demanded my license before a final 'drive carefully' as I continued my journey alone and lost in the middle of New Zealand with no GPS, no phone and feeling so sorry for myself as I searched for Doug.

I finally found a cross sign and assumed it had something to do with a hospital. Since I had nothing else to go on, I followed along until I got to this giant building. Please let him be in there. I parked in the empty lot with our suitcases and everything we had and walked the longest hallways searching for anyone to help. Eventually I found someone who took me to a room full of new arrivals and behind curtain number 1 was this big smile and the 'what took you so long?'. Then came the happy tears.

After a week in the hospital sitting/sleeping on a chair beside him, I didn't care where in the world I was, once we were together. We didn't get to do South Island yet, but hopefully that will change one day...:)
How it all began... What the hospital refers to as 'the stupid tourist' ;) On the way to the hospital...
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Bianca Hadeed

Bianca Hadeed

Currently located in:
Bridgetown, Barbados.
About me in 140 characters or less

"Barbados born and raised, I am proud to call here my home and passionate about experiencing the world and soaking up all life has to offer!"

A bit more about Bianca:

"I draw the line at eating... Nothing, I'll try anything once"

"My most essential travel phrase is... Your finest beer please, barman!"

"My most memorable souvenir is... My tattoo! :)"

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