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I felt like James Bond...

Nearly 10 years ago I was visiting Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I had recently bought my first digital camera. I loved that camera. It basically became an extension of my arm. I constantly took photos of everything and anything I saw.

As you may be aware, Brazil has a reputation for being a little dangerous, and tourists being robbed is not that uncommon. Being a seasoned traveller who knows better than to bring valuables to a somewhat sketchy neighbourhood called Lapa, during Carnival, with literally thousands of drunken partygoers... I of course brought my beloved camera along to document the occasion.

My friends and I had just arrived, about one in the morning, to the largest and rowdiest crowed I had ever been a part of. We were standing directly under the famous Arcos da Lapa. With my camera securely attached to my wrist by a cord, I reached my arm up as high as I could over my head to get a shot of this incredible gathering. Suddenly, a towering young man popped up from behind me and snatched my camera from my wrist. He was already running through the dense crowed pushing people aside, knocking drinks from peoples hands, jumping over obstacles and across the street. Without even a moments hesitation, I threw my drink to the ground and was chasing him, at full speed. My camera!

Without a doubt about getting it back, I was chasing down a thief, at full speed, James Bond style. He began turning corners and down side streets with fewer and fewer people. I did not let up and the adrenalin made me feel like I was an Olympic sprinter. Just when it seemed that I could have been putting my life in danger in the emptying streets.... out of nowhere, several armed police officers luckily popped up and came to my rescue.

However, the police would not give me my camera until I made an official Police report. They put the astonished camera thief in the back of a police truck and called in the Chief of Police... as I waited I realized that we had done a large circle and I could see my friends across the street. I waved them over to wait with me. Over a dozen police officers and police cars later, we were escorted by three police vehicles, lights flashing across town to Lablon to make the official report.

By about 5am, I finally got my camera back! I very luckily wasn't harmed and experienced the most exciting event of my life. I still have that camera and continue to find immense joy in capturing the essence of the moment, and documenting the beauty and movement in the spontaneity of life... which is one of the reasons I love jumping photos!
Paddle Board Jumping
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Eyoälha  Baker

Eyoälha Baker

Currently located in:
Vancouver, Canada.
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"Passionate, creative and adventures. An old soul with a young heart. Challenge myself to be a better version of myself. Enjoy life."

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"I draw the line at eating... Bugs and grubs. Bleurghhh!"

"My most essential travel phrase is... Are you local?"

"My most memorable souvenir is... My experiences and photographs."

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